"It is my firm belief that we have a two party 'dictatorship' in Washington D.C. and here in Arizona. Gridlock is the order of the day and neither party wants to do what is best for their constituents, only what is best to get them re-elected or keep their party in power. You probably won’t see any of the usual endorsements on my behalf because most organizations, unions and groups are stuck in the same two party dictatorship.

It's time, time to free Arizonans from a two party dictatorship that has a choke-hold on our dysfunctional state government. I love Democrats and I love Republicans but I don't trust either party/caucus. I have been a registered independent for 38 years. It's time that independents are represented in the Arizona Senate.

I’ll appeal to all citizens of our district, and I’ll represent all the people of our district."

-Doug "Q" Quelland, Independent Candidate for Arizona's 20th Senate District.
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