About Doug Q

My name is Doug “Q” Quelland, and I am running for Arizona Senate from the 20th district you and I live in. Donna, my wife of forty-two years, and I have lived in the same square mile (Bell Rd.-Greenway/ 30th-38th Ave.) for thirty six years. Our two small businesses (Bell Lawnmower & Thank-Q Rentals) have serviced NW Phoenix for those same 36 years. Stop by anytime (35th Ave. & Greenway), and we can talk politics.

I love Republicans, and I love Democrats, but I don’t trust the Republican Party/Caucus, I don’t trust the Democratic Party/Caucus and I don’t trust the media. I will be walking and going door to door to every house in every square mile (45) in this district. If you are home, I’ll be glad to stop and chat for awhile. If you are not at home, you can reach me by e-mail at dougquelland@cox.net or by phone at 602 999-8748. You will be able to check out my positions and my background (bio) on my web site, voteDougQ.org.

It is my intention to run as an Independent and be the first Independent elected to the state legislature. One-third of our district is registered independents, and most people I’ve talked to in my small businesses tell me they vote for the person and not the party. E-mail me, phone me, check me out on the web, or stop by my businesses at 15440 N. 35th Ave. It is my firm belief that we have a two party “dictatorship” in Washington D.C. and here in Arizona.

Gridlock is the order of the day and neither party wants to do what is best for their constituents only what is best to get them re-elected or keep their party in power. You probably won’t see any of the usual endorsements on my behalf because most organizations, unions and groups are stuck in the same two party dictatorship. I’ll appeal to all citizens of our district, and I’ll represent all the people of our district.

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