Five to Nine is Fair and Fine

It’s time for our vaunted Independent Redistricting Commission to be truly independent. According to an Arizona Republic news article, there are more registered Independents in Arizona than either Democrats or Republicans. Then why are there two Democrats and two Republicans but only one Independent on the Commission? That’s neither fair nor acceptable. And to further the insult, the two Republicans and the two Democrats appoint the only Independent on the Commission. Continue reading

The Best Gov't Dark Money Can Buy

We have the best government only dark money can buy and that's worthless. I want the best government money can't buy and that would be priceless. I have owned Thank-Q Rentals and Bell Lawnmowers for 36 years, coached at Greenway High, adopted clean up on 39th Ave. for 26 years and supported dozens of local charities. I have been a registered independent for 36 years. I am Doug "Q" Quelland and I'll be on the general election ballot in November.  George Washington cautioned against foreign entanglements, lobbyists and political parties. We didn't listen and now we all suffer. Continue reading