Five to Nine is Fair and Fine

Commission_Approved_congressional_draft_map.jpgIt’s time for our vaunted Independent Redistricting Commission to be truly independent. According to an Arizona Republic news article, there are more registered Independents in Arizona than either Democrats or Republicans. Then why are there two Democrats and two Republicans but only one Independent on the Commission? That’s neither fair nor acceptable. And to further the insult, the two Republicans and the two Democrats appoint the only Independent on the Commission.

I propose that there be equal numbers of Independents, Republicans and Democrats on the Commission. And that each shall only be appointed by members of their own voter registration.

As a registered Independent for over thirty years, the only option that is equitable is that there should be nine members on the Commission. That is why I will be seeking signatures on an initiative to be placed on the 2016 General election ballot to change the five member Commission to a nine member Commission comprised of three Independents, three Democrats and three Republicans.
Please look up the web site Please read the proposed initiative and related materials.

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