issues1.jpgYou hear all sorts of promises from politicians but I have only a few which are core to my campaign. I will not go negative against my opponents, I will not bother you with robo-phone calls, and I will not flood your mail box with glitzy say nothing mailings.

Here are some issues of primary importance to me:

  • EDUCATION - we must fully fund our schools. We can not continue to balance our sate budget on the backs of children and teachers.
    • The past five state superintendents of public schools have been dismal failures. Some have been an embarrassment to our sate. We must not entrust our children's future to elected amateurs. We must appoint qualified individuals that are above party politics and should we find a great one, keep them for longer than four to eight years.
    • School district superintendents should not have to have degrees in teaching or education. They can hire enough PHD's to fill every assistant's position three times over. What we really need in a District Superintendent is someone who can take a dollar and stretch it into a dollar twenty five cents not someone who can shrink it into seventy five cents. Business managers can ensure our school budgets and funding will get us the results we need from our taxes.
  • PARTISAN ELECTION REFORM - Independents should be able to vote in all preference and primary elections - no question. We are clearly one third of the registered voters. We pay for the cost of the primary elections too, so if the parties want to exclude us, shouldn't they pay for their own primaries?
  • INTEGRITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY IN ELECTIONS - The greatest threat to any democracy and especially to a republic like ours, is if a single person or group should ever acquire the power to rig our elections. We should take a hard look at all levels of elections a put a premium on assuring their integrity and accountability.