The Best Gov't Dark Money Can Buy

dark-money.jpgWe have the best government only dark money can buy and that's worthless. I want the best government money can't buy and that would be priceless.

I have owned Thank-Q Rentals and Bell Lawnmowers for 36 years, coached at Greenway High, adopted clean up on 39th Ave. for 26 years and supported dozens of local charities. I have been a registered independent for 36 years. I am Doug "Q" Quelland and I'll be on the general election ballot in November.  George Washington cautioned against foreign entanglements, lobbyists and political parties. We didn't listen and now we all suffer.

I promise to never listen to lobbyists and to never use dark money. I will listen to my constituents 100% of the time. Dark money can't buy me. Do we even know where my opponents get their campaign funds? Career politicians only fear one thing. They only fear the next election. Power goes to their heads and staying in power trumps the will of the people.

Come into Thank-Q Rentals (15440 N. 35th Ave) anytime for an actual sit down with your candidate for State Senate. I have large magnets for cars and small ones for refrigerators. And please share my website with your email and social media friends: .

Tired of broken promises from elected politicians? Look up the definition of independent and then vote like one!

Never judge someone based on someone else's opinion.

It's time to free Arizonans from a two party dictatorship that has a choke hold on our dysfunctional state legislature. It's time that Independents are represented in the Arizona Senate. Arizonans are tired of gridlock at our State Capital. Once one independent is elected, more will follow. The two party dictatorship has had enough time to right the Arizona ship of state and they have failed. How much longer can we endure a leaderless state legislature?

I've been told by a major party mogul that if I run as an independent, his party will bury me. Well, that didn't work for Nikita Khrushchev (1961) and it won't work against me.

It's time. Time for the first elected truly Independent State Senator.

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